Local hero denied flight

ToddClark As many of you by now know, Lt. Colonel Todd Clark of Albany was killed in Afghanistan last week. Today, we mourn as a community as Lt. Colonel Clark has returned home to Albany. I know I share the feelings of many of you when I say that our thoughts and prayers are with the Clark family. Services will be held here locally with internment at Fort Sam Houston in Texas.

Today, I was outright angered to learn that our government will not be paying for Lt. Clark’s flight to his final resting place. In a statement on her FB page, Clark’s mother Kathleen was beside herself stating, “My son was flown halfway around the world to fight senseless battles, five times in active war zones, killed in action and our government is refusing to give him a plane from NY to TX.”

My friends, this goes way beyond Pentagon red tape and is just absolute madness. Here we have an American hero who paid the ultimate sacrifice for his country and his country will not take him to his final rest. We spend trillions of dollars all around the world but cannot fly our fallen to their final place of rest.

God bless Todd Clark and the Clark family. Let’s hope our government does the right thing and gives this local hero his flight home. Our fighting men and women deserve the very best we have to offer. And that extends to the families of those who pay the ultimate sacrifice. Is this the best we have to offer?

In closing, sometimes the greatest nation in the world does not always make the greatest decisions. We spend money on such things as “tattoo removal programs” and “video game research” while neglecting what should be our top priority, our men and women in uniform and their families. God bless the U.S.A.


8 thoughts on “Local hero denied flight

  1. You are 100% right Shawn. It’s a damn shame. Keep voting for those Democratic House and Senate folks in Washington, and we’ll be lucky if they bring them home at all.

  2. Typical government in action. Maybe the news media should saturate this story and show just what our government does to our fallen hero’s Its about time they step up to the plate and give this hero his final due respect that he gave his life for.

  3. Can’t believe this the USA!!!!

  4. While the first family spends millions on vacations..smh..horrible

  5. I’m almost in tears over this…This man dedicated his life to serving and protecting the very people who deny him transportation to his final resting place!!!How utterly disgusting.How can you possably sleep at night…What if it were your son or father..I would think with all of the sacrafices that Lt Clark has made…the ultimate being his life that the VERY least thing they could do is transport him to the moon should that be where he wanted to go! You all should be ashamed of your selves…..And you call yourselves AMERICANS!……….DISPICABLE!!!!!

  6. Just wondering Shawn What is our elected Congressman and Senators feelings on this? Maybe our governor who we all know has hopes of entering the white house some day. You are speaking out but I do not hear anything from them. This man served 4 tours,was a decorated hero. He deserves better.

  7. This is the biggest slap in the face that a Patriot could ever get! The USA, the government, the Powers that Be have refused to give this Hero transportation to his final resting place. A shameful and dispicable act by the very ones he gave his life in support of. I am toatally ashamed as an American
    of the decision that was made by the American Government, May he rest in peace.

  8. This American kept his promise to those who control America but those who control America, aka: the corrupt, self-serving two party system populated by the wealthy and elite, couldn’t care less about him …….. as long as their sons and daughters stay safe at home in their entitled world enriched by the efforts of the middle/poorer classes …. WAKE UP America!!

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