Albany County Discount Drug Card Hits Milestone

proact_logo The Albany County Discount Drug Card Program has hit a milestone. Residents who have chosen to enroll in the program have saved 3.5 million dollars on their prescriptions since 2010. Those enrolled have filled more than 93,000 prescriptions at an average savings of 45% on each medication filled. That’s real money and real savings! The county legislature adopted the program with those without insurance most on our minds. But we have found that those who have insurance but may be underinsured have also benefited from the program.

Albany County is one of 50 counties in the state who has adopted the program which is administered by Proact. There are no fees associated with the program and one card can cover an entire family. There are no enrollment forms and everyone in the county is eligible. This program is an absolute win win as it has cost the county nothing and has now saved its residents millions. We have often heard the stories of those on fixed incomes having to choose between food and medicine. Our program makes life for these individuals just a little more easier as we like to think no American should be forced to choose between the two.

I want to thank my colleagues in the legislature including Majority Leader Frank Commisso and Legislator Lucille McKnight for working with me to make this program a success for the people of Albany County.

If anyone is interested in obtaining a card or for more information, go to and click the Proact icon. You can also visit to download a card. You can also call my office at 518-447-4957 and I will gladly mail you a brochure.


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