Albany County Budget Review Process Set to Begin

Two week ago, Albany County Executive Dan McCoy presented his 2014 County budget. Now, the legislature will begin its extensive review of the document in a series of meetings that will deal with all of our county departments. Departments heads will be asked to present reports to our Audit and Finance Committee detailing their financial operations as it relates to the budget.

This years proposed budget comes in at 574 million dollars and carries a 1.6% tax increase. It also funds our nursing home for half the year. And as I have said many times in the past, my philospy of government is that we live up to our obligations as far as the services we provide without creating any undue burdens for the taxpayers.

Here is a breakdown of the review process.

Session 1 10/30 6pm
County Clerk
District Attorney
County Attorney
Public Defender
Alt Public Defender

Session 2 11/6 6pm
Social Services
Mental Health
Children Services
Human Resources
Civil Service

Session 3 11/8 6pm
Crime Victims Center
Nursing Home

Session 4 11/13 6pm
Board of Elections
Public Works
General Services

Session 5 11/15 6pm
County Executive
Management and Budget
Community College Tuition
Risk Retention
Hockey Facility
Sewer District
Stormwater Coalition
Soil and Water
Civic Center
Veterans Affairs

All meetings are open to the public and will be held at the county office building at 112 State Street in the Charles E. Cahill Room, located on the first floor.

I would encourage anyone that is interested in the budget process to attend any or all of these meetings.


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